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August 14th

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Why I Am Running

andy lamb

Today, Wisconsin's heritage is under stress. Our democracy is in discord. One party is running all branches due to gerrymandered districts, targeted voter laws, and corporate money. Civility and cooperation are nonexistent and competence appears lacking. We turned down well over a billion dollars in federal grants because of party politics in the midst of the Great Recession intended to repair and expand our rail system infrastructure and provide health coverage to our citizens. We are now poised to spend well over four billion Wisconsin taxpayer dollars on a Chinese factory with a dubious environmental and labor record, done with a deal crafted in secret. Massive funding has been drained from our premiere UW and public education system. We now trail our region in new business startups and family wages. We import nearly 100% of our energy yet discourage renewable alternatives. The federal government sends our federal tax dollars south yet our own representatives vote to exclude our own local taxes from federal tax deductions making us pay taxes on top of our taxes. Limits to our state open government are passed in the dead of night without debate and environmental laws are ignored or eliminated.

I am running because I think the stakes are high and priorities misplaced. My training teaches me the economy is an ever expanding pie where we can all get larger pieces when we all share in the growth. The next inevitable IT step in artificial intelligence will soon take us to quantum growth expanding in multi-directions. Tedious labor will be freed due to robotics and artificial intelligence will augment human ingenuity and imagination. Our current concepts regarding labor, jobs, and sharing in this economy will change in ways we may not imagine but need to be receptive of. We need to prepare for this reality so all can be allowed to achieve and in turn, respect one another.