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August 14th

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Andy's Story

Andy Lamb of Mequon WI

Andy and his wife Kathy are native Wisconsinites. They both grew up in Milwaukee. As a young man, Andy went to work in a factory after failing to find his focus in college. He fell in love with and married Kathy, the first female steelworker union steward at Continental Can. When their fourth child was on the way, the plant moved out of state leaving the young family, as well as many others, jobless and without health insurance.

Education saved their family. Andy went back to college where he found a teacher who inspired him. He went on to become a CPA. His career included 10 years in agricultural economics before he turned to government finance. He was the CPA who oversaw the consolidation of the North Shore Fire Department from seven disparate community functions to a unified endeavor. He was elected supervisor for the Ozaukee County Board and was eventually recruited for the job of Finance Director. 

He was respected for his values of civility and cooperation, working with others from all political points-of-view. “I am always open to a good idea,” Andy says. He brought the lowest-taxed county in the state through the recession with innovative ideas that resulted in a AAA bond rating.

As an adult with young children, Kathy earned her business degree. It led her into her true calling of working in alcohol and substance abuse. She used her education to find federal, state, and charitable grants to fund salaries and programs. She taught Andy the most effective ways to handle our state’s addiction crisis. The goal is to save lives and families not to increase the burgeoning prison population of nonviolent offenders. Education, prevention, and maintenance are humane, cost-effective, and lead to the best outcomes for the whole society.

Andy understands that the end goal of managing taxpayer’s money is to serve the needs of the people – all kinds of people with all kinds of needs. He’s been a man with a young and growing family. He understands the needs of senior citizens and he cares about the future of not only his own children but all children. Spend any time with Andy and you know, he is a good listener, learning people’s needs.

He has learned there are some things we rely upon government to provide. Nobody wants for-profit safety inspectors, first responders, courts, public health, or public records. He knows we want local control over open government that efficiently, effectively, and responsively provides a good quality of life to its citizens.

With a love of Wisconsin, a heart for its people, a head for finance, and the time and energy to commit, Andy can help us build a Wisconsin to be proud of again.