"Experience Good Government"

Civility • Cooperation • Competence

Beliefs in Brief

  • Preventive healthcare is proven to be the best and most cost effective. It should be available to all.
  • Our citizens need local control so our elected school and municipal leaders can promote our values in education and community administration.
  • The most effective and efficient addiction policy is prevention, followed by treatment and maintenance, with the least desirable being criminal justice.
  • Infrastructure repair costs increase much faster than the rate of inflation. We need to prioritize projects that impact our safety, health, and economy now.
  • Wisconsin’s economy would suffer without the labor and imagination of immigrants.
  • Women’s and minority equity issues deserve equal consideration.
  • Criminal justice should be equal and thoughtful. We have too many productive people in prison costing society for both their incarceration and the opportunity to be useful.
  • We spend too much on prisons and too little on education.
  • Many of our society’s problems would be reduced with food security and a livable wage.
  • Our economy needs to prepare for the coming unprecedented change to work and labor when robots will do many jobs now done by humans.