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August 14th

Beliefs in Brief

Common sense gun restrictions would not prevent good people from owning guns.

I walk with our students.

I applaud the students who are peacefully bringing attention to school and mass shootings. Rarely does one see a generational expression of frustration that could actually inspire decisive public debate. These are our future leaders refusing to suffer the consequences of our democratic union’s current dilemma of incivility combined with gun proliferation.

The Supreme Court has affirmed our right to own guns. But, Justice Antonin Scalia also opinioned that communities can impose restrictions.

Community values concerning guns need to be debated at all levels to define those values. Many restrictions would cost no tax dollars, others may even be revenue positive, and none would ultimately prevent good people the right to own a gun. Some limits to gun ownership seem to have broad public support while arming teachers appears to have little. Common sense would dictate we start with the most popular and least costly alternatives first. We must not be deterred from doing what is ethical and constitutional to prevent another massacre. It is well past time to allow federal research on gun violence. Now is the time to enact and test community restrictions.

Andy Lamb