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August 14th

Beliefs in Brief

It doesn’t matter how much wealth we create or money we save if we poison our air, water, or soil. Renewable energy and conservation should be a priority for Wisconsin.

The two impediments often cited in denying environmental risks and concerns are, “It costs too much.” and “I don’t believe in the scientific theory”.

To the first I say: It doesn’t matter how much wealth we create or money we save if we poison our water, soil, or air.

To the second: Climate scientists tell us Climate Change is potentially an extinction event. We know the earth is warming. Ninety seven percent of climate scientists believe climate change is happening and is the result of human activity. What society has ever ignored its scholars?

Sustainable energy generation is now cost competitive to fossil fuels and employ far more of our citizens. Wisconsin in the last ten years has weakened or eliminated laws to protect the environment, discouraged environmental study, passed laws or exclusions allowing pollution, eliminated incentives to pursue renewable energy production, and even enacted laws to restrict renewable energy generation such as the law that a commercial windmill can’t be built within a half mile of a residence.

Wisconsin produces no fossil fuels! All fossil fuels are imported and all payments leave the state. Wisconsin should be a leader in the study, development, manufacture, installation, and generation of sustainable energy. We should be encouraging and subsidizing energy conservation and renewable energy production.

Wisconsin has over 11,000 lakes, resides between the Great Lakes containing one third of the WORLD’S fresh water supply and the nation’s largest river, and rests on top of the Superior Aquifer. All of our citizens receive their drinking water form one of these resources. We need the ability to maintain their quality and restrict invasive species from degrading these treasures.

We Do Not Inherit Our Environment From Our Parents, We Borrow It From Our Children.